Re: Clean up make distclean

On Fri, 2006-04-21 at 14:41 +0200, Oystein Gisnas wrote:
> tor, 20,.04.2006 kl. 09.53 +0100, skrev Matt Davey:
> > I don't mean to be smart, here, but it would be great if you could
> > supply a patch for these improvements.  Like any open-source contributor
> > I've met, I've a pretty limited amount of time I can spend on gp.
> I can understand how you can't (and don't want to) spend lots of time
> digging into minor problems. I'm no autotool wizzie myself, so it took
> some time to figure out something useful. I've attached two patches that
> are quite simple and easy to understand. The first one is a one-liner
> and solves a double copy when doing "make install-data-local". The other
> one cleans up generated files and makes "make distcheck" run
> successfully.

Thanks for that.  Much appreciated.  I'll probably get to check it over
within the week.

> > As David Desrosiers mentioned, there are other serious problems with the
> > tarball distribution centred on the libtool stuff (the --with-pisock=
> > path doesn't get added to the libtool search path).  And conduits never
> > seem to work before a 'make install' either.  This is stuff that'd be
> > great to fix, but I don't see myself getting around to right now.
> I might have a chance to look at some other problems, but need to use
> g-p a bit more first and get a hang of the main structure of the code.

Sounds good.  Be aware that g-p is a bit hairy and crufty...  It got
developed in a hurry and then the lead developer dropped off the face of
the earth.  It's a bit fragile in parts.

JPR, the current maintainer, had a good go at re-architecting a while
ago, which you can find in the bonobo-daemon branch in CVS.  It's a lot
cleaner, but it hasn't been ported to the new pilot-link API.  I haven't
used it myself yet - as far as I know it remains a bit incomplete (more
conduit porting required, merge changes from main branch such as hal and
netsync): see this thread from March 2005:

> > p.s. any feedback good or bad on the pre-release?
> I was pestered with gslice hangs in Debian to begin with, but that seems
> to be more or less solved now. Otherwise it works very well, although I
> have only tested with "classic" config (Evolution+Serial+Palm m505).

Yup, I still use my old palm V.

> There is another wish when it comes to the build process.
> gpilot-install-file, gpilotd-control-applet, gpilot-applet and gpilotd
> are being compiled with -rpath. Is it possible to get rid of that?

I suspect not.  That runs somewhat deep in the libtool/automake setup,
which ain't broke, AFAIK.  The libtool wrapper scripts should deal with
the rpath magic for running pre-installation.  We probably need to add
the pisock patch to the rpath list.


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