Re: Clean up make distclean

On Wed, 2006-04-19 at 22:06 +0200, Oystein Gisnas wrote:
> I would enjoy if "make distclean" actually resulted in a source tree
> exactly like in the released archive.
> * ./gnome-pilot.spec should not be distributed, only the .in file
> * intltool-{extract,merge,update} should be deleted by distclean

I don't mean to be smart, here, but it would be great if you could
supply a patch for these improvements.  Like any open-source contributor
I've met, I've a pretty limited amount of time I can spend on gp.

As David Desrosiers mentioned, there are other serious problems with the
tarball distribution centred on the libtool stuff (the --with-pisock=
path doesn't get added to the libtool search path).  And conduits never
seem to work before a 'make install' either.  This is stuff that'd be
great to fix, but I don't see myself getting around to right now.


p.s. any feedback good or bad on the pre-release?

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