Re: Call for testers! (and updated pre-release tarball)

> So I'm appending two patches, one for problem 1 and one for
> problem 2.  I think applying either of them will solve the
> problem. (the second patch should apply with a bit of fuzz).
> The second patch also fixes the problem gp had when ctrl-C'ing
> a pi-nredir mid-sync.

apologies.  I'm tired.  In the gp-patch in the previous mail I
should have changed a different instance of PI_PF_NET to
PI_PF_DLP.  The previous patch can safely be applied too.

I'll roll up these patches and do a pre3 over the weekend.

Thanks for your feedback, 


--- gnome-pilot-structures.c.~1.15.~	2006-02-01 22:03:56.000000000 +0000
+++ gnome-pilot-structures.c	2006-04-13 00:19:55.214532424 +0100
@@ -417,7 +420,7 @@ gpilot_network_device_init (GPilotDevice
 	} else {
 		strncat(pi_net, "any", 3);
-	device->fd = pi_socket (PI_AF_PILOT, PI_SOCK_STREAM, PI_PF_NET);
+	device->fd = pi_socket (PI_AF_PILOT, PI_SOCK_STREAM, PI_PF_DLP);
 	if (device->fd < 0) {
 		g_warning ("Device [%s, %s]: Unable to get socket: %s", 
 		    device->name, pi_net, strerror(errno));

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