Re: Call for testers! (and updated pre-release tarball)

> > >         NOW I can beat it up properly.
> 	It doesn't like network, dies with the error below:
> (gnome-pilot:8748): gpilotd-WARNING **: looking for string: 
> Vendor=0830 ProdID=0061
> gpilotd-Message: Woke on network: Treo 650
> (gnome-pilot:8748): gpilotd-WARNING **: pi_accept_to returned -200: 
> Broken pipe

Okay, I'm seeing this behaviour.  Oddly, I only have trouble
with pi-nredir.  A direct WLAN connection from my device works
reliably.  As far as I could see, the net handshake gets stuck.
It seems to be the net_rx call in net_rx_handshake on the gpilotd
side.  Does that ring any bells?

I've fixed another bug that could be reproduced by ctrl-C'ing
pi-nredir when it was connected to gnome-pilot.


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