Re: wifi hotsync ?

> Hi everybody,
> Thanks for you answer  about bluetooth... so I give up.
> Is it possible to synchronize by network ? my palm (sony UX50) is wifi
> connected to my lan.
> It seem to possible to do this (network option available) but what shall
> I put in PORT instead off /dev/pilot ?

I have slightly better news for you on this one :)

Network sync is mostly not working in current gnome-pilot releases,
but will work in the next release.

Right now you have a couple of options.  If you have a fedora-like
system, the easiest solution is probably to install the
patched gnome-pilot RPMs from:

Some people have reported success with the following workaround:
configure a 'USB' device with the gnome-pilot applet, and set the device
to 'net:'.  I don't think this can work unless you also happen to
have the USB cable attached (the usb cable 'wakes up' gnome-pilot, but
the sync will actually occur via the network).  This may not suit you.

Finally, there have been occasional reports of people managing to
netsync with shipped gnome-pilot.  If you configure a 'network'
device  with the applet, the 'device' field is ignored.

There's a HOWTO on the pilot-link site for the palm-side configuration,
and how to get things working on the pilot-link side.


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