Re: Will pi_close disconnect the link to Palm device?

> As for porting gnome-pilot to pilot-link-0.12.0, check out a thread 
> from March 15-17 last, which starts off with a patch to gnome-pilot 
> to port to the 0.12.0 API.

	Its also important to mention that you should ALWAYS track 
HEAD in cvs if you're doing porting work when there are -preX on the 
release cycle, at least with regard to pilot-link. We're on -pre3 now 
with -pre4 sitting in CVS being worked on. 

	Changes have been made to the core library between -pre2 and 
-pre3, and even more after -pre3 was released. To be sure you're not 
wasting your time porting code to an API which may have changed, 
please make sure to track HEAD in cvs.

	That being said, we're pretty close to a solid, robust library 
now, which is being used by quite a few commercial applications 
(MarkSpace's MissingSync for example, Florent Pillet's SyncBuddy is 
another). If its good enough for them, its probably good enough for 
gnome-pilot also.

	But we're not done yet... there's still some things I'd like 
to drop into the 0.12.0 series to give it a bit more features and 
function, but those can happen after the .0 goes "Gold Master" as they 

David A. Desrosiers
desrod gnu-designs com

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