Re: Porting gnome-pilot to pilot-link0.12 API

On Thu, 2005-03-17 at 19:41 +0100, Jelle Plantenberg wrote:
> David, all,
> I've tried to apply your patches and compile
> gnome-pilot(-conduits-)2.0.12 with pilot-link-0.12.0-pre2. Unfortunately
> I haven't been successful yet, presumably related to your remark:
> > I had to remove the backup conduit for now.

Bear in mind that this code is basically untested - I got it to compile,
and I think the changes are OK, but I'm sure I've added bugs along the

The pilot-link-0.12 way of handling buffers (with an explicit API for
buffer management) seems a lot conceptually cleaner than the old API.
However, in terms of getting stuff to compile, it's just a pain, since
it impacts a lot of code.

Does anyone know to what extent the code was copied-and-pasted from
other sources?  In particular, I got the feeling that the "mal" stuff
was a "copy and paste then slightly change" job, so perhaps we should be
getting the changes upstreamed into the source of that code.

> I guess this is not included in the patch you attached. I removed
> references to the conduits/backup directory in the configure and
> Makefile, but so far it still tries to compile it.
You'll need to rerun the autotools; try running "autoreconf" in the top
level directory

> Could you elaborate a bit more? If I get it to work, I could add the
> details to the wiki in case anyone is interested.
Yes please!

I'm hoping that people can add more stuff to the wiki.

What I'd really like is some kind of roadmap.

> Thanks for any help you can offer!
>  Jelle.
> PS
> In case anyone is wondering, the background is that I'm trying to get
> the Sony TH55 to sync over usb which seems to require the newest visor
> and newest pilot-link (status quo: pilot-xfer works over /.dev/ttyUSB0,
> but the generated /dev/pilot seems to fail so far). All this on a fresh
> Ubuntu hoary preview (debian based).
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