Re: Porting gnome-pilot to pilot-link0.12 API

David, all,

I've tried to apply your patches and compile
gnome-pilot(-conduits-)2.0.12 with pilot-link-0.12.0-pre2. Unfortunately
I haven't been successful yet, presumably related to your remark:

> I had to remove the backup conduit for now.

I guess this is not included in the patch you attached. I removed
references to the conduits/backup directory in the configure and
Makefile, but so far it still tries to compile it.

Could you elaborate a bit more? If I get it to work, I could add the
details to the wiki in case anyone is interested.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

In case anyone is wondering, the background is that I'm trying to get
the Sony TH55 to sync over usb which seems to require the newest visor
and newest pilot-link (status quo: pilot-xfer works over /.dev/ttyUSB0,
but the generated /dev/pilot seems to fail so far). All this on a fresh
Ubuntu hoary preview (debian based).

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