MAL and AvantGo

After Googling around for a while, it seems that some people have
approximately zero trouble getting AvantGo to work with gnome-pilot's
MAL conduit.  I have had no success myself.

I have an AG account.  I enter the UID and passwd for that account, and
AG tells me that I should sync to receive new content.  When I sync,
there is no new content, and the passwd is reset to 'unassigned' in AG.

AGConnect doesn't have any options for a local (USB in my case)
connection (although it does have an option for Unix), and the MAL
conduit doesn't have any options at all, aside from enabling it and
turning off the once-a-day option (which I HAVE turned off).  Can
somebody point me toward the proper interaction between AG, AGConnect,
and gnome-pilot MAL?


Matt Davis
<mmd teledavis com>

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