Re: Initial setup doesn't connect wtih FC3

Try this to install a file:

gpilot-install-file -l <file>

-l is for 'later' - i.e. installs at the next sync


On Sat, 2005-02-12 at 17:03 -0800, Mark Healey wrote:
Matt Davey wrote:
>>I added:
>>  <!-- Kyocera -->
>>  <!-- Kyocara 7135 -->
>>  <decide vendor_id="0c88" product_id="0021" />
>>to /user/share/gnome-pilot.devices.xml.
> There's a typo there: 'decide' should be 'device'.  Not sure whether
> the typo is in your config or just your posting, but worth
> mentioning :)

OK, I'm retarded.  That fixed it.  Thanks.

Now, if I want to add a program to my phone do I just throw 
it into the backup directory?

How do I add something to the expansion card?

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