Re: Handsrping Treo 600

> I also tried gpilot with my Treo600, to no avail.  I do not have the
> luxury of recompiling the kernel with new releases of drivers, as it is
> IT supported.

	Assuming your kernel is 2.4.22 or later (and it should be anyway),
you can insmod visor with the proper vendor and product strings for your
Treo600 device, even if it isn't supported. Check the Palm Device Matrix
for the proper parts you need (google for it, on the pilot-link wiki).

> In the end, I found that the version of jpilot already installed
> (0.99.2)  worked just fine in syncing to the T600.  Yes, I have to cut &
> paste appointments, but since I like Netscape7 as my mail reader anyway,
> its a wash.

	0.99.7 was just release a day or two ago.

> Now, if I could just find a decent verilog (text) viewer on the Treo
> (emacs would be the best, but that'll never happen ;-) I'd be all set!



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