Re: [Somewhat OT] hotsync devices don't show up in kernel 2.6

> Since I upgraded my kernel to 2.6 the devices I use for hotsync don't
> show up anymore. I used /dev/usb/tts/1 with the 2.4 kernel, but these
> don't appear now. When I push the hotsync button, the visor module is
> loaded and the device is registered:

	Which usb core module are you using? uhci_hcd?

> I know David D. is no fan of devfs, but Gentoo semi-requires it, and
> until udev is ready I will continue to use it.

	It's not that I'm not a fan of it, I just don't see the point. I
used to run devfs for a brief period of time, in the "pure" state (i.e no
devfsd "convenience" daemon), and it was really no different than running
without devfs, except I had to tinker with every single application that
talked to devices, to get it working properly. Running the "convenience"
daemon takes away any of the benefits that devfs purports to provide, so I
don't run it on my machines. I generally install a box, then go into /dev
and manually delete all of the unused, unnecessary devices pertinant to
the system I'm using.

	It's a personal preference. Until something better comes along, I
can do just fine without devfs (and the inherent exploitability of it,
which I believe necessitated udev and friends). YMMV, of course. Use
whatever you feel comfortable with.

> But it doesn't seem to be doing its thing. Can someone offer me some
> help?

	What happens when you point it to a device you've created,
statically, with the proper major,minor values using mknod? Does it work


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