Re: Evo ToDo conduit gobbling memory.

On Sun, 2003-08-31 at 01:19, Scott Garman wrote:
> Hi there,
> I was wondering how many records is considered "a lot" in terms of palm
> synchronization. My ToDo database includes 1300+ records, according to
> my pilot's info section, and I can sync this just fine using Jpilot.
> However, with evolution, I cannot sync my database, because in doing so,
> the evolution process sucks up all my memory, swap, and then thrashes my
> system until I am forced to reset the computer. I am running this on an
> Athlon 1600 with 1 *GIG* of DDR memory + 512 MB of swap, and have
> watched this memory consumption occur using top. I can reproduce this at
> will as many times as I want.

For the record, I have tried this again with evo 1.4.5, and everything
works perfectly, including the ToDo conduit. Thanks guys!


Scott Garman
sgarman at iname dot com

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