pilot-mailsync 0.8.0 released


I just released the 0.8.0 release of pilot-mailsync. 
Available as .tgz or rpm (built on Red Hat 7.3) at 

pilot-mailsync is an application to transfer outgoing mail from 
and deliver incoming mail to a Palm OS device.

The changes from the last version:
* SMTP after POP possible (smtppop=on)
  Uses same username/password as for fetching mail.
* Draft and Filed of the Palm mail application are also synched.
  Mail on the mail source gets transported on the palm but
  _not_ vice versa. Deleting in Draft and Filed on Palm has no effect.
  Use draft= and filed= in .pilotmailrc
* Outgoing mail can only be stored in outbox and not sent (for offline use)
  Use sendfileonly=on in .pilotmailrc
* FindMail now works with multiple adresses in fields
* FindMail bug concerning hours/minutes fixed
* update to imap-2002c1
* compiles almost with gnome-pilot-2 (april mailing-list for corrections)
  If someone with gnome-pilot-2 can change configure.in and Makefile.in
  to work correctly I would be grateful
* compiles under MacOS X, see INSTALL


Jochen Garcke                                     mail: jochen garcke de
Institut fuer Angewandte Mathematik        Wegelerstraße 6, D-53115 Bonn
GCD Deutschland (Die Comic Datenbank)           http://www.garcke.de/GCD

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