gpilotd suddenly doesn't work

I've been cracking my head over this and are really

I was using Evolution, gnome-pilot and Pilot-Link from
Ximian Desktop 2 distribution with no problems at all
syncing with a Sony Clie T615 (using USB, of course).

Then one day it decides to stop working, for no
apparent reason at all (at least none that I can
identify). Nothing I've done has fixed this. I
uninstalled (and erased anything that had to do with
pilot-link, gpilot, etc), reinstalled (using red
carpet): No-Go.
Downloaded latest versions of everything:
gnome-pilot 2.0.9
pilot-link 0.11.8
evolution 1.4

Configured, built them (using the How-To in pilot-link
site) and still, no-go.

As expected, pilot-xfer works perfectly well. Malsync
still works. I've even gone back to using JPilot as my
Pilot application.
gpilotd just seems to sit there dumbly watching the
/dev/usb/ttyUSB1 (which is what jpilot and malsync
use) and nothing happens. I've ran out of
ideas...anyone know of ANYTHING that I can look for to
fix this?? I really like the Evo-Pilot funcionality
but if they don't work I'll go back to using plain ol'
mozilla for everything.


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