USB Visor and gpilotd

Hi All,

Before I start, I'd like to ask that you email me at this address instead of
just CCing the list, since I'm not subscribed to the list. Thanks!

Hopefully it's a quick question about gpilotd and USB visors.

I have set up my visor so that it can hotsync with all my conduits. I'm
using gpilotd and the usual ximian conduits, etc.

The only problem I have is that if I plunk my visor into the cradle and
press the hotsync button, nothing happens. Instead, I have to go
through the following convoluted ritual every time:

- Put the visor in the cradle
- open an xterm
- type "killall gpilotd ; gpilotd" in the xterm (don't press return yet)
- press the hotsync button
- press return in the xterm

If I'm LUCKY I'll get the timing just right and my palm pilot will

Is it just me or is this rather user unfriendly? The whole idea of the
hotsync button is that it should be a one-button-press operation. It
seems that my running gpilotd process does not figure out that the
hot-pluggable USB visor has shown up, if it was already running when the
hotsync process was started.

Instead, I have to start it at just the right moment and keep my fingers
crossed. Sometimes I have to do this a few times just to get it right.
This is NOT what I'd call "ready for the desktop" if users are required
to jump through these kinds of hoops.

Maybe I'm getting crotchety as I get older, but I'm tired of these sorts
of niggling issues. Is there a way to configure gpilotd to notice
a USB hotsync that I don't know about, or something?

Please help..


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