loading the right modules the first time arround (RH 8.0,

Hi all,

I've always had to start gpilotd once, kill it and then
start it again to get it to work.

The first time around I get a message saying 'cannot bind to ...'

The difference between the two runs seems to be that
the visor module is not loaded the first time around:

diff mod-2 mod-3
> visor                  13248   0  (unused)
> usbserial              22080   0  [visor]
< usbcore                65280   1  [hid usb-uhci]
> usbcore                65280   1  [visor usbserial hid usb-uhci]

is there a quick fix, such as adding a dependency in /etc/modules.conf
so that when ttyUSB1 is accessed the modules are loaded?

I am currently running RH 8.0, but I was experiencing similar problems
under earlier versions of RH.

gnome-pilot 1:0.1.70-1.ximian.1
pilot-link  2:0.11.5-4.ximian.1

Your help will be much appreciated!

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