Re: Sony Clie 675 with gpilot

Le jeu 23/01/2003 à 00:17, Bryan Bayerdorffer a écrit :
> I link ALL the usb stuff statically in the kernel, and use the hotplug scripts
> (Debian).  This allows gpilotd to be left running, whence it catches the sync
> button.  Works for me with evolution.
> I did have to hack visor.c, etc in 2.4.18 to support the NR70, but with later
> versions all should be well.

Thanks for your answer!
Actually it works for me, it was just a matter of time to wait for the
pilot to start syncing (I have to wait 6-7 seconds for it to start, I
guess it is the time needed to create the /dev/usb/tts/0 device, and
then for gpilotd to catch the sync).

Alexandre Aractingi <aaractingi libertysurf fr>

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