Re: gpilotd isn't seeing my Palm

On Wednesday 01 January 2003 04:08 pm, David A. Desrosiers wrote:
> > gnome-pilot does not currently work with the tungsten.
> 	..and to add to that, the reason why is because the previous USB
> Palm devices would broadcast the string "Palm Handheld" when they attached
> to the USB subsystem via the usbserial driver in Linux. gnome-pilot uses
> /proc to detect when the device is attached, and to what device. The
> Tungsten (and Treo and Sony NXxx devices) all do not do this, and can only
> be detected via their ProdId value, a hexidecimal value (0x0830 for Palm,
> for example). Sufficient changes have to be made to gnome-pilot to
> compensate for this.

Oh, well...  Thanks to both of you.  At least I can stop wasting my time 
trying to get it to work.

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