Re: Syncing Problems with gp 2.0.10, pilot link 0.11.7 and Evolution 1.4 on MDK 9.1

... forgot the trace.

Stefan Ulrich Hegner wrote:
Hi Matt,

thanks for your quick reply.

Can you get a backtrace on the gpilotd process?

gdb /path/to/gpilotd process-id
where process-id is the process id of the gpilotd process.
Then, at the gdb prompt, execute 'bt', to see where the process
is hung.

The output doesn't mean anything to me. I'm not developing for linux, hence I don't use gdb. - ... I had to install it first for this test.

Anyway, I attach the bzip2ed output. Maybe this gives you some clue.

... You did't mention anything regarding highspeed USB connections. In case you can tell me, why it's not yet supported and whether it will be supported soon, that's appreciated.



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