Re: evolution address book conduit issues

I COMPLETELY identify with you on this!!  However (and this is my
uninformed opinion), I place more of the blame on gnome-pilot.  I have
had more problems with gnome-pilot than any other piece of software,
ever (well, okay, I don't run windoze, so I can't speak for that
comparison...).  Hm, and then there was Netscape 4.... *shudder*

My point is that I am really amazed at how complex and un-debug-able
gpilotd is!!  Every other palm syncing software that exists for linux
WORKS and stays working, while gpilotd continues to have really serious
issues that keep me from doing my work instead of helping me do it.  

Evolution has always been rock-solid for me, and I believe it has been
that way for thousands of other users too, and for that, I praise the
ximian bunch MUCH!!!  But it sure seems like JPR and the others have
inherited a very bad design in gnome-pilot, and it keeps popping its
head up over and over again.


On Thu, 2003-08-07 at 21:44, lsiden wrote:
> I agree.  I am also becoming very frustrated with Evolution.  It
> suddenly breaks when I update libraries for other applications.  It
> seems to be incredibly fragile.  Gentoo (my distro) was still
> distributing 2.0.9 of both gnome-pilot and g-p-conduits.  At first, I
> couldn't get anything to work.  Now, I updated glib to 2.2.2, g-p and
> g-p-conduits to 2.0.10, disabled EAddress, and synced on my serial
> cradle.  For several more attempts it didn't work, but then when I tried
> it on my serial cradle, it worked.  Then I went back to the USB cradle,
> tried again, and it crashed again when synching addresses.  
> The problem with this is I never know when it will work and when it
> won't and it doesn't generate a log file that might help me.  If there
> is no prospect of resolving this soon I may have no choice but to go
> back to jpilot.  I don't like that GUI much, but hey, at least it worked
> for me last time I tried it!  Or better yet, forget about both and just
> back my Visor up every night w/ pilot-link (which does work).
> -Larry Siden
> On Thu, 2003-08-07 at 14:11, Fernando Paredes wrote:
> > I too am having the same problem. And I've seen it
> > before. If I delete the offending address and try
> > again it usually finishes quite cleanly...
> > 
> > 
> > I've had so many problems with Evolution that I'm
> > really starting to consider not using it anymore. It's
> > terrible! It's like a black box...too complex (too
> > many things can go wrong and you never know where the
> > error is). And things go wrong all too often. 
> > I hope I don't hurt anyone's feeling with this, but
> > that's how it is. Evolution is becoming into something
> > that prevents me from doing my normal work instead of
> > helping me.
> > 
> > If anyone can offer ANY help on how to fix this or at
> > least where to look to find out what's wrong I would
> > very much appreciate it.

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