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Dagmar, I was refering to glibc, not glib.  Go to  That's the likely place where I got mine

Now is it glibc or glib that's causing the problem?   Okay, I see that
glib is described as low-level routines for GNOME and glibc is described
similarly, but for GNU.  Now I can see from the Portage .ebuild files
that gnome-pilot depends on libgnome which depends on glib (not glibc). 
Anyway, GP 2.0.10 crashes for me when it syncs the address book, not the
memo files, so it may be a different issue, but I have a feeling it's
related b/c everything was working fine before until I updated a bunch
of other packages that depend on glib.  In a little while I'll try going
back to glib 2.2.1 to see what happens.


On Tue, 2003-08-05 at 14:02, Dagmar d'Surreal wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-08-05 at 09:22, lsiden wrote:
> > Please replace glib-2.2.2 in the prev message with "glib-2.3.2".  My
> > apologies.
> Huhwhat?  2.3.2?  Hmm... I'm going to skip that since it doesn't appear
> to exist.  Ya gotta be accurate with these sorts of things.
> You might want to dig a little further and try _compiling_ all the pilot
> packages from source.  To my knowledge, it's binary incompatibility
> that's hosing people trying to use glib-2.2.2 when their gnome-pilot
> stuff was compiled against <=glib-2.2.1.  I'm using the 0day latest from
> the Gnome Desktop 2.2.x tree over here, and it all works fine for me
> with the exception of memo-file.
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