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JP Rosevear wrote:

On Thu, 2002-10-24 at 15:40, Adam C Powell IV wrote:

Quite a while ago (eleven months and two days, to be exact), there was mention on this list of a patch to fix the bug where all appointments synched from gnomecal to the Palm appear as "all-day" appointments, with no time.

That patch still hasn't made it to release, making gnome-pim-conduits still unusable, at least for gnomecal syncing.
Any ideas on when this will get fixed?
I can't find the patch, and are you sure it was for gnome-pilot?  This
sounds like a gnomecal issue since that handles converting records back
and forth.

I'm pretty sure it was a gnome-pim-conduits problem (is there another email list for that?), and that it persisted through at least this April (just after Debian woody froze, so I haven't checked updates since). This was covered in a discussion last November 22, when Eskil mentioned the patch and "imminent" new release including it, and I asked about it again February 8 (with no reply).

<sob story> It's bad enough that evolution doesn't support upgrades from gnomecal -- breaking compatibility with the previous generation of GNOME PIM software is a really bad precedent to set. But I had hoped to be able to use the gnome-pilot parts to transfer my years of gnomecal data indirectly into evolution via a Palm. Alas, those hopes are fading, nobody at all seems to care about us old faithful but now obsolete gnomecal users actually keeping our data. :'-( </sob story>
You can import vcalendar files with evolution.

Really? This didn't work with Evolution 1.0.5, it imported ical but not vcal (Ximian bug #8001). They say it's implemented in HEAD as of 2002/7/15, but does that mean it's in 1.0.x or do I need to try a 1.1 beta? Well, I'll try again.


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