Re: Handspring Treo success

On Fri, 2002-10-18 at 01:14, David A. Desrosiers wrote:
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> > I have a treo 90 and have been unsuccessful in making it work with linux.
> > I am actually stuck at the pilot-link level. I have tried various versions
> > with the same -bad-results. Could you perhaps shed some light to this?
> 	The Treo 90 does not work with USB on Linux, at all. It's out of our
> control at this level for the moment. The 300's also do not work either. The
> USB maintainer sent a message up to the plg list about it back in September:

Thanks for the response. I am familiar with this posting. What I still
do not know is which side is not working well. Is it a problem with the
treo? Is it the kernel module? Is it pilot-link? 

Also, depending on where the problem lies, is there perhaps an
alternative? Would coldsync work, for example (I know... I should try it

I suspect, however, that it won't, as the problem appears to be at the
detection level...



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