no conduits in Red Hat 8.0

I just installed Red Hat 8.0, configured my pilot, but no conduits show
up in the gpilotd-control-applet.  The title bar says 'Pilot Conduits',
but all I can do is set up the device.  I can hot sync, but nothing
really happens, as there are no conduits.  There is stuff under

There was some discussion of this in the archives one year ago (October
2001), and the solution was to upgrade to the latest Ximiam package.  So
it seems to have been fixed a year ago.  Is it a problem again?  Has Red
Hat botched their configuration of gnome-pilot?  Or did I install RH
wrong?  Has anyone else gotten conduits to work under RH 8.0?

Also, I'd like to sync with Evolution, but I see no evidence that they
were included with RH 8.0.  Maybe they'll show up once I get the other
basic conduits working.  (I can at least see the .so files for them.)


Steve Molitor
smolitor817 earthlink net

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