{GnomeCal} Bad sync

Hi there,

	this is my first email to the list, so let me greet everybody and thank
the developers.

	I've got a problem with the GnomeCal conduit. Let me start from the

	I use GnomeCalendar to store my dates and want to sync it with the
palm. My palm (and PalmDesktop for win, but I am using gnome-pilot
tools) was configured in Spanish. The problem is: when I sync it (being
gnomeCal conduid enabled) the normal dates from the GnomeCalendar were
sent to the palm as "No Time" dates.

	I hard-reset the palm, reinstalled the windows software in English
(just in case it was because of that big warning while configuring the
palm; I don't mind to keep this, anyway, for most of the translation
English-Spanish... well, let's say they are not very good ;-)
reinstalled the gnome-pilot, pilot-link and so on .deb packages, removed
my ~/MyPilot directory and configured the sw again.

	The problem is still there: the normal dates are sent to the palm as
"No Time" dates. Even more: the old dates are not sync with the palm any
more, neither as "No Time" dates nor as normal dates. If I create a new
date in the GnomeCalendar application, it is sync to the palm... as a
"No Time" date :-(

	I've been reviewing the mailing list for similar problems, and found
nothing, so I hope this to be a missunderstood of the application, the
palm, or it interaction.

	Any idea?

	By the way, most of the other conduits work fine, but the Memo conduit
(which has been reported to be buggy, so I won't). 

Thanks in advance

Lo siento, hoy no nos quedan tags.
Javier Sedano Jarillo      http://www.it.uc3m.es/~jsedano
 jsedano dit upm es (*)
 jsedano ieee org

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