Re: Evolution Sync

On Sun, 2002-02-10 at 20:40, James Dillenburg wrote:
> I downloaded the lastest version of the conduits from the web site you
> gave me.  I installed the rpm version.  I wnet back into GnomeCC under
> PalmPilot and the only condiuts that show up are 
> -Backup Conduit  
> -File Conduit
> -Memo File Condiut
> -SendMail Conduit
> I don't see E-address, etc as a choice for a conduit??
> Any other suggestions?

Sounds really odd. 
Try this for general troubleshooting: Compare the directories that
gnome-pilot installs conduits to and the directories Evolution installs
to. Try "Tools->Pilot Settings" from within Evolution and see what comes
up. (I get Pilot Link, but I think it should be conduit settings).
And try to recompile the source RPM on your system and install this RPM


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