Re: gnome-pilot-0.1.63-ximian.2 can't usb sync with handspring treo

> can't sync with the handspring treo, and anyone have idea to fix?

	Do me a favor, insert the visor module with 'debug=1' and send me
the full log you get when you hit HotSync. I think perhaps the Treo may have
a different USB descriptor (each device is unique) or the new Treo is using
the new "net" protocol recipe, which I don't belive is fully supported in
gnome-pilot at this point (because it's only just started working in the
unreleased pilot-link 0.10.1 development snapshots). You could also test the
Treo itself with pilot-link and see if that part works. If it does, the
descriptor is right, if it doesn't, then the visor driver may need an

	Let's start there and work forward...

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