selective backup settings?


I've been using gnome-pilot for a while now, and with the mal-conduit, I'm quite happy with how it works. However, there is something I'd very much like to see - ability to selectively specify which bases should/should not be backed up by the backup conduit.

As it is, backup will spend quite a while every day copying the various AvantGo bases off my Palm while the next conduit to run, mal, will then replace the base contents with new stuff. Obviously, I have no use for the backups for those particular bases, while I very much want to have backups for most of the Palm.

I believe the Palm Desktop for Windows somehow bypasses the AvantGo backups by overriding those in the AvantGo conduit (at least it never seems to spend as much time backing up, but I haven't tried it in a while), so this functionality should be possible somehow. I'd be happy with a config option to say which bases should not be copied during the backup.



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