Re: where to submit bug reports

> Where should I enter a bug report for pilot-link?  I looked on the
> gnome bugzilla but couldn't find an appropriate category.  Thanks,
> Scott

	One of these days, I'll get RoundUp working for pilot-link bugs (I
will not use Bugzilla, too limited). Anyway, from a previous message I
posted here:

-->8 snip --

        Perhaps you should post a bug report, so I can diagnose the
problem, if indeed it is a problem with pilot-link. The bug report should
consist of the following information:

        1. version of the tool you are using (*NOT* the package
           version, but the version the tool itself reports, i.e.
           'pilot-xfer --version', not 'rpm -qa | grep pilot-link' or
           'dpkg -l | grep pilot-link'.

        2. I will need to know your command arguments ('pilot-xfer -p
           /dev/usb/bus/0 -b .' for example)

        3. Your port settings (setserial -a will tell you that)

        4. Your Palm unit (Visor? Clie? Palm? TRG? Sony?)

        5. PalmOS version on that unit (3.1? 3.3? 3.5.2?)

        6. A list of any hacks you are running at sync time (such as

        7. The exact error you get (an accompanying backtrace makes it
           much easier to figure out).

        8. Your platform (Intel? PPC?) and chipset (PII? P4? M68k?)

        9. What version of the OS you are running (BSD? Linux?), which
           should include the kernel you are running on the box (2.2?

        With this information in hand, I can diagnose and probably fix
your problem, whether it exists within pilot-link, or within the
configuration of your machine (hardware or software).



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