problems running conduit control applets


I've just started playing around with gnome-pilot. Whenever I try to run 
any of the conduit programs, e.g. backup-conduit-control-applet, I get:

gpilotd-ERROR **: file gnome-pilot-client.gob: line 143 (gnome_pilot_client_new): assertion failed: (SELF(ret)->orb!=NULL)

The versions here seem to be:
gpilotd-Message: gnome-pilot 0.1.54 starting...
gpilotd-Message: compiled for pilot-link version 0.9.4
gpilotd-Message: Using GOAD
Gnome gnome-pilot 0.1.54

And pilot-xfer et al work fine. Any suggestions? Thanks,

William <wmorgan cmu edu>

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