Re: Calendar not syncing

Jeffry Smith wrote:

> I have a Palm III, PalmOS 3.3 that I am trying to sync with my Linux
> machine (Debian Woody, using gnome-pilot 0.1.54-helix,
> gnome-pilot-conduits 0.4-helix3, libgnome-pilot0 0.1.54-helix,
> pilot-link 0.9.3-3).  For some reason, the calendar does not sync.
> I've tried adjusting the sync rate, changing flow control, it doesn't
> sync.  The other things (memo, address, etc) sync.

1) gnome-cal doens't update the display after sync. This can cause
the illusion that no sync happened.
2) gpilotd must be configured to SynchronizeOptions=UseConduitSettings.
3) conduits must be set to "Synchronize".

Is this all set so ?


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