Re: USB visor cradle

Jeremy Muhlich wrote:

> /proc/bus/usb is working correctly, and pilot-xfer does work correctly
> for me.  But still no go on gnome-pilot.  I can't even get it get my
> userid off my visor so I can't really go much farther.  When I run the
> druid, or hit the button in the capplet to pull the userid from my
> visor, nothing happens (yes, I hit the hotsync button just before doing
> these things).

Oh yeah, I guess that the hotsync button should be pressed before
gpilotd is restarted, otherwise the usb thingy cannot be read.
(this is what I think you mean in you last sentence).

So I guess the capplet should inform users of that. If this is
correct, can you file a bug report for this on


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