Re: [wichert cistron nl: Bug#72157: screensaver doesn't block palm syncing...]

Mike Markley wrote:

> I'm currently maintaining the Debian package of gnome-pilot. A wishlist bug
> report was filed, asking if gnome-pilot could possibly disable syncing while
> xscreensaver, etc. are locking the console. A few ideas were bandied around,
> but most were horribly specific to one particular console/X blanker/locker.
> However, I got this suggestion and it looks intriguing. Is there any
> interest in doing this?

Well, xscreensaver could support "run these commands when (un)locking",
and one of these commands could be "gpilotd-client --pause" when
locking and "gpilotd-client --unpause" when unlocking.

Much cleaner as opposed to introducing xscreensaver awareness into gnome-pilot


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