Re: 0.1.54

Robert Mibus wrote:

> how about adding to
> struct _GnomePilotConduitStandardClass (gnome-pilot-conduit-standard.h)
>         gint (*changed)                   (GnomePilotConduitStandard *conduit);
> along w/ the sync methods. if ->changed [pointer] is NULL, we assume that the local store
> has always changed. otherwise, if ->changed() [returned value] is 0 and moddata
> < backupdate, dont bother syncing. this puts the onus on the conduits to know
> if theyve changed, which shouldnt be *that* hard. and it requires next to no
> changes to conduits, just ->changed = 0 added somewhere.
> comments?

That I should get my head out of my butt and check old mail.

I'll run this buy jpr who is porting the gnome-pilot standard abs
code back to pilot-link where it originally belonged.

The conduit can sort of already do this in that you can ask to
iterate across changed records. If the iterator function returns
non-null, there's modified records.

But a ->changed () call would make it easier to simply and quickly
determine if the local store has changed at all, and thereby speed
up the sync.


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