Yet more visor woes...

Yes, another person having trouble getting gnome-pilot to sync with the
visor, but:

1) /proc/bus/usb seems to be set up correctly (at least, I have a
"/proc/bus/usb" directory)...
2) It's at least somewhat talking... after pressing the visor cradle
button, I can even do "cat /dev/visor" (a symlink to /dev/ttyUSB1) and
see it talking...
3) I've followed the "Handspring Visor mini-howto", and can "sync" to
the Visor via the ColdSync package...

Yet curiously, version 0.1.54-1 of gnome-pilot (installed from the RPM)
just waits when attempting to contact the visor.  I've set up "Cradle"
as "/dev/visor", speed 57,600, type "Handspring USB"; when I attempt to
add a pilot via the control center, it just hangs when it gets to the
"Press synchronize on the Cradle (/dev/visor) or cancel the operation"

Urm.  Grog not know what to try next.


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