Unable to configure calendar, address book and some other conduits

I'm having a tough time configuring my conduits.

Using Gnome's Control Center, I was able to configure the Backup, Expense and
SendMail conduits, but the File, GnomeCalendar, GnomeCard and Memo File
conduits fail to show up in the configuration pane altogether. What I mean is,
I see them in the Control Center's left pane as sub-configurations for Pilot
Conduits, but when I click on them the controls just won't appear on the
right-side pane---all I see is a gray featureless surface.

Perhaps unrelated to this (but maybe not), I was unable to get the Palm to sync
with the daemon until I forced the Palm's ID to 0, because the Pilot Link
capplet would read the ID, but somehow seemed to fail to recognise it again
upon sync.

Any ideas?

	Federico Heinz

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