gnomecard fields


I tried out gnome-pilot today, and overall I was pleased. My question
is how do you handle the differences between the fields in gnomecard
and the fields in the Palm addressbook?

Some examples...

In gnomecard, I created an entry in the Categories and Birthday field,
but those fields got overwritten on the next sync.

An entry on the Palm had both a Main and Other attribute on two phone
numbers, after a sync gnomecard saw both attributes as PREF, and when
the palm got synced again, both the Main and Other attributes had been
set to Other.

So, is there some documentation on how the mapping of fields gets
done, or should I read the source? Could the conduit be rewritten so
that unknown fields, from the Palm's point of view, are ignored, not
removed on the PC side?

Thank you,

Bobby "the fox" de Vos
ECE - Georgia Tech    

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