OFFTOPIC: I will be in Montreal April 9-12, Atlanta Mat 14-19th


This is way off topic, but I am giving talks at two shows in the next
month.  It seems every time I do this, I discover someone was at the
show, lived nearby, or was in town for something else.  I seem to be
finding this on mailings lists, 2 weeks AFTER the talk.

So I am posting AHEAD of time that I will be in Montreal April 9 - 12th
and Atlanta May 14-19.  If you are going to be there and would like to
meet me (heaven knows why), I will probably have a fair amount of free
time, and a decent expense account (read beer).

If not, ignore this note :)

April 9-12,  Linux Expo 2000

May 14 - 19th at Vanguard Enterprise Security Expo 2000

Zot O'Connor

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