Making the expense conduit work with gnucash.

I'm helping to develop gnucash (, a personal
finance manager in the spirit of Quicken.  I'm trying to add 
support for importing expenses from the Palm expense tracker into 

I have just downloaded gnome-pilot, compiled it without a hitch, and
have used the current expense conduit to read expenses.  From an
examination of the code, the current expense conduit simply
copies every transaction stored in the Palm outputs it to several

To import expenses successfully, it is necessary to guarantee that no 
transaction is exported twice.    Would it be possible to modify
the conduit so that only "new" (transactions that had not previously
been seen by the conduit) were exported, and then either deleted or
marked as "done" (either within the Palm or in such a way that the
conduit could maintain some kind of simple state knowing which
transactions it has seen)?

Unfortunately, such an operation would break the semantics of the 
conduit methods (it is neither a copy nor a merge).  Can the design of
gnome-pilot cope with this admittedly slightly unusual operation?
Robert Merkel		                          

What a strange game.  The only winning move is not to play.
		-- WOP, "War Games"

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