Re: The queue

> > It seems to mostly work.  Right now, the only problem I have is knowing
> > how to remove it from the queue.  I wrote a little program quickly in
> How does you do the GMC handle ? Have you simply made a "open with" thing,
> or can you like with rpms make menu entries on the right-mouse click for
> installing the file ?

It has a separate menu item "Install on to Palm Pilot" that, when
selected, puts it in the queue.

> > gnome-pilot/conduits/file/ called gpilot_install_file.  It naively
> > installs the file in all pilots available -- I'm quite sure what the
> > best interface should be.  Maybe a command-line switch to be added???
> Well, gpilotd_client takes two arguments, pilotid and filename.

Yeah -- I saw that.  The problem is there's no place to put that in the
menu.  I think I'll popup a dialog if there's more then one and ask the
user which one he wants to install...

> > of the file will take place, it will leave an entry in
> > ~/.gnome/gnome-pilot.d/queue, and it will try to install the (now)
> Ack, thats a bug that I must have made somewhere recently. It's supposed
> to at least decrease the number-of-requests. Will fix.

I'll try and look into it a little later if you don't get to it.

> > that matter, I'm not 100% sure that GNOME_Pilot_PERSISTANT is what I
> We had planned to make two types of calls, IMMEDIATE and PERSISTANT, and
> basically the difference was whether the call should survive the daemon
> (eg. boot), or if the call was to be anulled when the daemon was killed.

That's what I thought.

> So PERSISTANT(sp?) is ok. (uhm, isn't that spelled with a E instead of A
> btw ?)

I didn't notice, but it's PERSISTANT throughout the code.  I'll commit a
change in a sec... (-:


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