Re: Linux/Palm Development tools

On Sat, 3 Jul 1999, John wrote:

> I've got pilot-link set up.  I've been trying to rustle up a
> cross compiler, and prc-tools 0.50 seems to be what people are
> using.  Is this still the case?  Are any of the Palm patches
> incorporated into the newer Gnu utilities?

I am using the prc-tools RPM for RedHat 5.2 at*.

Check out for some
newer versions of some utilities like pilrc and a compuiled version of the
UNIX version of the PalmOS Emulator. 

According to developer of the alpha patch mentioned below, they will
submit to egcs after current push for gcc 2.95 is over.

> Also, are there any GPL software repositories for the Palm?
> I've been sifting through the Palm software sites, but good
> source code seems rare.

Check out which is some GPL'ed Palm
Pilot software including a replacement for JFile/MobileDB. There is a
GPL'ed news reader for the Pilto called Yanoof (sp) somewhere. Check which is, IMHO, the best Palm Pilot software

There are some non-Usenet newsgroups on called
"pilot.programmer" and "pilot.programmer.gcc". Some Palm Computing people
even post there. 

Sounds like we need "" or something. :)


alpha patch for prc-tools built against egcs 1.1.1b:

old palm development page:

Go to and check out the palmdev list.


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