A unified synchronization architecture?

	So here's my thought.  I just got a really nifty new cell phone,
the Qualcomm 860 thin phone, which has three neat features, it does
wireless web stuff, it acts as a serial modem when hooked up to a computer
and it is completely configurable via its serial connection.
	So, amoung other things, the windows software let's you
synchronize your lotus or act contact databases with the phone.  This is a
kinda neat feature.  So the thought, of course, is synchronizing gnome-pim
with this phone (in addition to my pilot).

	Well, I'd write this (as soon as I manage to figure out the
protocol) but why repeat code?  Could gnome-pilot be taken apart to the
level where there is a seperate "device" layer?  i.e., use the same basic
architecture to synchronize with the phone, the pilot, a wince machine,

	Of course, this is a whole lot of hand-waiving right now, but what
do you people think?

"It is by will alone I set my mind in motion"

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