Re: gpilot CORBA use

On Tue, 29 Sep 1998, Elliot Lee wrote:

> > We've solved a lot of them, but the current is, is ORBit threadsafe or is
> Ah, see, that begs the question "Why are you using threads?" :)

Man I get that a lot when using threads :) The daemon will probaby run in
two threads, one for handling pilot connections and one for handling orb

Originally, I got the orb fd's and had one select, but to avoid delay when
the pilot want's to sync, the orb stuff now runs in a seperate thread (of
course complicating GList* managemen).

> Answering your question, ORBit is probably not threadsafe in many places,
> although the infrastructure for it is there and in some places it is.

Okie. I wasn't planning on letting more then one thread do orb stuff, and
now I've also got a good reason.

> - you will still get the exception though. (i.e. use empty exceptions :)

Fine for me right now.

> > Also, did you ever get my questions about a .dk gnome CVS mirror ?
> No, but at present anonCVS seems to be doing fairly well with 4 mirrors.

The question was, what load a anoncvs server could expect. Of course I
assume a anoncvs in .dk wouldn't be as used as a .us would.

Another question. The gpilotd is going to do some callbacks to user
applications, reg. events such as pilot-connect, file-installed etc. Again
to avoid delaying the daemon, I was planning to use oneway calls. I my
test server, only the first call to a oneway gets through. When I run the
client program again, it's callback isn't called.

Haven't looked to much at it, but you might have some golden ideas ?


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