gpilotd capplet

I've finished the first round of development on the gpilotd capplet.

To try it, build the latest gnome-core and install.

You will now have a gnomecc program.

Build and install the capplet/ dir in gnome-pilot.

When you now run gnomecc, you go under Peripherals/PalmPilot, and there
is the config tool.

 - It stores stuff DIRECTLY via gnome-config, I didn't know what to use
   from gpilotd-libs or CORBA (I should read all the idl files I guess?)

 - It does try to read/save the pilot username/uid, nor verify that
   the comm port selected by the user is writable by the user.

These will not be hard to fix.

Next stage would be to add capplets for all the conduit configuration.
A capplet is incredibly simple to write, so that wouldn't be hard. 
But I seem to recall someone saying that gpilotd is responsible for
starting the conduit config progs or something? Or was it that
each conduit has to register a config program?

I was also considering working on a simple gtk+ based memo program which
I could integrate with the memo conduit.

Anything else sound like a good idea?

Dr Mike

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