Re: next draft of rpm guidelines are here

On Thursday 03 May 2001 08:33 pm, Chipzz wrote:
> On 3 May 2001, Dean Scott wrote:
> Which brings up a quite painfull point: c++.
> Standard rpm uses RPM_OPT_FLAGS for both c _and_ c++. Which may screw up if
> -fno-exceptions is in the CFLAGS (which is not an uncommon optimization).
> Do the *mm packages actually use exceptions? Never worked with them, so I
> have no idea.

I do not know if *those* use them, but programs which use *mm _do_ use them. 
Gabber refused to compile here because I had accidentally set that flag as an 
"optimization" - I recommend you do *not* use it, as it tends to screw things 
up pretty badly.


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