[Fwd: Re: GNOME Office Web Site]

On Sat, 2004-05-08 at 13:44 -0500, E. A. Zen wrote:
> Quick!  Someone shove up a website!
> What else are you doing right now!?  I know who you are; you can't fool  
> me, someone shove up a website!

I'm attempting to finalise the culmination of the last month's work on a
project by coordinating our inaugral release.  When this is over with
I'll finally have some time to do things other than said project.

I'm actually contemplating formally suggesting we use a tightly
controlled wiki for the GO website.  That'll allow all developers to
easily contribute and clean up content on an ad-hoc basis.

I know what you're thinking... "Wiki's are ug-er-ly."  Well, not all
wikis look like a dog's breakfast.  They can be dressed up.

We're putting it into practise for Vexi: www.vexi.org

Vexi.org uses podwiki which is really flexible, allows mixed html and
wiki content in pages, has version control, access controls, etc.  Is
this something people would consider?

I apologise for the long wait.  Still, I'll beat Gnumeric 1.4 and AbiWord
2.4 to the door with the website. ;)

Btw, has anything come of the interest in creating a presentation tool?
- Charlie

Charles Goodwin <charlie vexi org>
Online @ www.charlietech.com

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