agnubis (was: Re: Hello?)

Am Di, den 27.04.2004 schrieb Dongsu Jang um 05:27:
> There's so many try to make them, but nothing to use.
> Especially for GNOME, there's a Agnubis. but sleeping now :'(
> If you want to try, It'll be a good staring point.

No, it won't. The developers left it for several reasons:

     1. The code is not designed but hacked (it lacks several
        possibilities for extension)
     2. The developers didn't have time.
     3. Some decisions (like using gdome and diacanvas2) didn't match
        very well into the application which led to very ugly hacks to
        make part of the application work peacefully.
     4. Agnubis is completely resolution-dependent, it didn't have any
        way to display a presentation created on a 1280x1024 screen on a
        1024x768 resolution, the slides just got cut. (And now imagine
        that "just scaling" cannot work as these resolutions are 5:4 and
     5. Agnubis isn't available via CVS anymore (is it?)

  I'm going to upload my Java code for criawips this weekend. Please
consider to work in this please.


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