Update on progress for GNOME-Office-1.2

Hi everyone,
            I thought it would be a good idea for us to update each other
on progress towards our next release.

The last time we discussed this on this list we planned to aim for a
September-21ish release (one week after gnome-2.8).

(I think.)

Is this still a viable date?

Will we have a website by then?

The progress on AbiWord has not been quite as good as I'd hoped. But I
think we have a reasonable chance of getting a good release by that date.

For Divifund (ex MyBudget) (is this part of GNOME-Office or not?) I think
we'll have a 0.8 release. (We'll import quicken, MS Money and GNUcash
files but we won't have charting.)

How about Gnumeric?
anyone else?

I also think it would be cool ot have a joint AbiWord/Gnumeric bundle for
windows in time for GNOME-Office 1.2. However that involves developing a
cool installer for GTK on windows which should also do things like
integrate with GTK installed from inkscape/gimp/gaim/dia/glade etc.

I can see that this could be a political problem as well as a technical

Hmm I don't know if should be brought up on this list but I prefer to work



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