Re: Where Do We Go...From Here?

On 29/04/04 19:26:26, Marc Maurer wrote:

Gettting a new site would be a good start.

Maybe just dropping off what has been done so far (sans db passwords, etc) on a sourceforge project could help speed things along (since Ryan and whomever else could pitch in).

AbiWord is currently in feature freeze, and we will be killing bugs for quite a while.

Yes, this makes "now" the perfect time to catch up; little is wasted on thread reading ;o) If only I didn't have to worry about hunting down names of original patch proposers....

When the 2.4 process is started, we should discuss which integration
issues we would like to address. Feel free to start now though.

My mind has been rattling about similarity in data formats (all that xml fu in the three current projects). I was wondering if there might be room for integration in the data itself rather than the current idea of "leave it to bonobo")? This and data translation seem to co-mingle as a really good direction the next major (or as mg would point out, minor) GOffice release.

Embeddability would be nice, but my keen observation of history tells me that it will go back to yet another release--especially is advancing embeddability would open up a doorway to a thousand new features 90% of the people won't need 90% of the time (which, considering the number of goffice users, pretty much comes down to Martin, which is only fair, as he would be the one making them).

Of course, this may also work nicely with the new ABICAPI (and maybe, someday, ABIDAPI ;o) that Dom put into place; thus advancing more than just the plugin problems that will still plague 2.2 users. However, similar API work has to have been done on the remainder of the to-be- current goffice for that to go anywhere. If I recall, Gnumeric took to that some time ago, yes?

What kind of cruft is floating around out there in the three current projects, and when will that get a reduction?


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